LPT: It’s easier to live with rejection than it is to live with regret. Take your shot and if it doesn’t work out at least you know you tried and you don’t have to live your life wondering “What if?”.

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That’s a good tip for most people. I spent my teens and 20s taking every shot I could. Some nights I lay awake thinking “dear sweet baby Jesus what was I thinking!?!?” But I rarely have to lay in bed thinking of regrets like, “maybe I should have asked her to stick that tootsie pop in my ass.”


But then what if you regret taking a shot and think “What if I didn’t do that?”


I like this. People spend a lot of time thinking “what if”. Start thinking “even if”


I’ve never really understood this mentality. Try to be realistic and don’t put yourself down. You can take half court shots all day if that’s your thing, but I’d prefer to get around the three point line before I think it’s worth the emotional effort That only really works though if you have good self esteem and some sort of reasonable measure of your abilities and the situation at hand.