LPT: It’s really easy to replace a shower head and they are relatively cheap. Buying a new one can completely change your shower experience.

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When I lived in employee housing, there was one private/single bathroom (the other was locker-room style), but the private one had a really shitty shower head, so people rarely used that bathroom. I bought a new showerhead and would bring it with me when I showered, and I’d put the crappy one back on when I left. Got the bonus of not sharing a locker room and having a great shower. Seriously solid LPT.


The removable hand held jet shower head is so good! I am never going back…


This is a solid LPT. Also, you need to get yourself one of those curved shower curtain rods, you get a lot more elbow room in the shower and it’s a game changer. No more gross, cold touches from your shower curtain in the middle of a hot shower!


You can also de-calcify your existing shower head by submerging it in vinegar for a few hours.