Man in induced coma after ‘sickening’ head stomp during arrest, lawyer says

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> “I would be fairly confident to say that in the Victoria Police manual regarding their approved tactics, you’re not allowed to ram somebody with a vehicle and you’re certainly not allowed to stomp on their head,”


Hit by cop car, then head stomped.


Why do so many cops seem like the absolute last people you’d want to be a cop? (this is a rhetorical question, I know why.)


“A highly dynamic police incident involving a person of no fixed address” is some shocking weasel wording.


Holy shit. That was way more egregious than I expected. Even if he was some violent offender, that was absolutely unnecessary and 100% a violent and illegal assault. If he’s not dismissed from the force and charged with grievous bodily harm, then it’ll just prove VicPol is *still* full of corrupt cunts.