Mexican farmers occupy dam to stop water payments to the United States

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That photo of the lone farmer standing against a crowd of “police” is both sad and chilling. You think he wants to be there or he is there out of desperation, neglect, and abuse?


So this also a story about an overused watershed and farmers (on both sides of the border) growing non desert crops in the middle of the Chihuahuan desert.


Begun, the water wars have


I am sure the US would be happy for Mexico to end the treaty. Farmers in California could really use some of that 489 billion gallons of water we are sending from the Colorado to Mexico.


I wonder if any misinformation is causing this and pressurizing tensions on the border… Propagandizing farmers against treaties that require the water to be sent is a way to start affecting supply lines. Mexico gets benefits over the water more than they give (more from Colorado than they give in Rio Grande), so starting this could backfire.