NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine: It’s time to prioritize Venus.

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Venus, Europa, Titan, Moon, Mars… A lot of priorities to juggle. I hope we can do them all, but how do we choose?


Yeah no shit, now that we found strong evidence of alien life, who tf else is gonna go clap alien cheeks? Captian James T. Kirk, that’s who. In all seriousness, we need to get some probes over there RFN. Microbial life suspended in the atmosphere of an alien world is the kind if thing humans have been waiting for since H.G. Wells. I am curious, could atmospheric bacteria have been introduced by all the probes we crashed into Venus over the years? Seems like a very hardy anaerobic bacteria could have survived the trip, but idk much about that.


Afterall the Protomolecule prioritized it too once


Dude, we could live on Venus. we could have cloud cities. Fuck yeah. Just gotta survive long enough to get there.


God I hope they find life on Uranus. This title would be an instant classic.