Nearly all missing people accounted for as at least 35 killed in fires in US west

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If you go to the conspiracy sub, you have ppl saying Antifa is going up and down the west coast throwing Molotov cocktails. The lvl of paranoia and ignorance right now is astounding. Truth has become a movable feast for the glutton.


There was an article about a woman who worked as an EMT during all of this and was also missing her two kids…. Wonder if they ended up being part of the deceased. Anyone know? Incredibly sad


Hold on, is that sign melted?


That image looks like something out of a fallout game.


35 dead from two weeks of wildfires is a tragedy. Anyone who sees the fires burning recognizes the need to slow them down and fight back to prevent further loss of life. What I don’t understand is why people don’t see the urgency with COVID. The US is losing that many people every 1-2 hours to a preventable disease. We need to treat wearing masks like fighting fires. Do your part and stop the spread. Don’t wait for the whole country to burn down and call it herd immunity.