Netanyahu used doctored video of Abbas to influence Trump’s policy, Woodward reveals

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> A day after watching the “spliced-together” video intended to “counter any pro-Palestinian sentiments that were surfacing,” Trump confronted Abbas, calling him a “murderer” and “liar,” and shortly after ordered the closure of the Palestinian representative office in Washington and cut nearly all U.S. aid to the West Bank, Gaza and Palestinian refugees He did all of this because of a fake video someone showed him. He’s so easily influenced that you could manipulate him into changing his entire foreign policy by literally showing him a video on your phone. And people still believe he should still be president somehow. It’s unbelievable.


I shudder at the thought that the leader of one of the most powerful nations on the planet does not have a strong sentiment of wanting to know and acknowledge reality in its most objective form when making a decision that would impact thousands if not millions of lives.


USA is Israels little bitch


Goes to show you can’t trust Israel.


I mean he didn’t even need to try that hard to fool him