New psychology study links sleep problems in childhood to psychosis and borderline personality disorder in adolescence

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I wonder how this relates to childhood abuse. it wouldn’t surprise me if a lot of those later diagnosed with BPD suffered trauma in their youth and unsafe surroundings. resulting in bad sleep, because they feel unsafe. but that is purely speculation.


BPD is a personality disorder and is not diagnosed in adolescence.


>However, this scarce research has only focused in one specific aspect of sleep (nightmares), while the impact of other more common sleep problems in childhood, such as behavioral sleep problems (short sleep, sleep fragmentation or irregular sleep routines) on the development of these specific mental disorders had not been investigated.


Hmmm so people with mental health issues also had problems sleeping as kids? I don’t get it


I often had sleep problems as a child. Sleepwalking, being manic and having under 2 hours kip, so I relate to this. Diagnosed bpd