Nikola responds to allegations of fraud

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This stock is going to zero


They don’t seem to understand the difference between refuting and verifying. Lmao. This is going to be such a great documentary one day.


>Nikola has contacted and briefed the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regarding Nikola’s concerns pertaining to the Hindenburg report. Nikola intends to fully cooperate with the SEC regarding its inquiry into these matters. the SEC was unaware of fraud allegations against the company. These idiots called the cops themselves to tell the cops how innocent they are. They started their own SEC fraud investigation. **How stupid are they to call they the cops on themselves.** ​ I’ve never seen a company this stupid. RIP


This is a comically weak response that yet again falls short of disproving any claims made by Hindenberg. These fucking idiots admit the truck rolled down the hill without saying it outright. Their wordsmithing is fooling less and less people. Edit: and the stock is up! Don’t ever underestimate people’s stupidity


ROFL, so they they didn’t dispute anything, they actually admitted to it using sleezy wording. They have a 1000kg H2 fueling station, which is just a tank and pump, but they don’t have any way to make the hydrogen? Remember that they claimed they are making hydrogen at 80% lower energy consumption than anyone else, but they just admitted they can’t actually make any hydrogen and are in the process of buying an outside companies generator to use at their headquarters. Also, 1000kg H2 fuel pump is a meaningless number. 1000kg a year? A decade? By listing a weight and not a fueling rate they meant this to sound like a large number, but again it is a sleezy misdirection that is completely lacking in substance.