Over 170 environmental leaders urge supporters to vote for Biden, not Green Party

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> “Angry right-wing voters and liberal absentees put Trump in the White House in 2016,” the letter reads. “In 2020 the same unholy team could keep him there. Progressives who vote for the Green Party candidate, or write in Henry David Thoreau, or refuse to vote at all for lack of an ideal choice will give Donald Trump precisely what he wants, and enough such pious gestures will produce catastrophic results.” We can debate all day whether or not the two party is terrible but the reality is voting for a third party is exactly what Trump wants. They know they can’t add many more voters but if they can convince progressives to not vote for Biden then they can take votes from him and close the gap.


Getting Republicans Elected Every November


The fact is that voting for Biden will be better for the environment than voting green will be.


The Green Party is holding up absentee ballots and early voting in Pennsylvania, they’re just as traitorous as the GOP.


If the Dems take congress and the White House, they need to pass a law requiring the use of ranked choice voting for all federal elections.