Police seek help after Black Lives Matter demonstrators run over in crosswalk

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Off topic: Know what would be helpful in this subreddit? State/province/country flairs for posts containing local news, especially for locationsn not widely known or locations that share names with other locations.


>We were doing the regular route, from Founders Park up to the police station and the police station down State of Franklin,” Chaffin said, “and we stop at that crosswalk and we stay on both sides of that crosswalk for a while. >“We’ve been utilizing the lights — the crosswalk function — to go back and forth whenever the lights are on, and we’ve done our best to be lawful while doing that.” There’s a subset of Americans just itching for an chance to hurt their fellow citizens. Just begging for a reason to commit violence and get away with it.


If a vehicle starts “inching forward”, do not, repeat, do not place your body in front of the car as if to block it. Simple physics should teach you that.


videos like this, of MAGA drivers bear macing and running through protestors are constantly glorified on subs like r/ActualPublicFreakouts with commenters whiteknighting for the driver.


Remember how the FBI found that woman who threw a Molotov at a cop car by identifying her shirt? If they really wanted to find the answers they could they just don’t want to.