Pringles is testing a new can design after a recycling group dubbed it the ‘number one recycling villain’

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Recycling is the final step. Reduce is first followed by reuse…


I think all packaging should be 100% biodegradable. Because let’s be honest, this stuff gets thrown out the vast majority of the time around the world.


Lol the number 1 recycling villain is car tires not fucking pringles


I am so old, I remember when the cans had a metal pop top not just foil. And there was a corrugated paper liner that kept the ‘chips’ intact. And the top of the can had a metal rim from the pop top that could cut you. Now I get a safe can of ‘crisps’ that are a broken mess. And the cans are never totally full. I still eat them.. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


How will I boost my WiFi signal now?