Rudy Giuliani collaborated on smear of Joe Biden with “active Russian agent”. Giuliani promoted false charges about Biden made by Ukrainian legislator who’s now under U.S. Treasury sanctions

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how are these guys still roaming the streets. they’re the real terrorists


Oh look. Another promised scandal that not only failed to materialize, but blew up in their faces. I wish conservatives would wise up to their being played as suckers.


The real question is “who at Treasury did torpedo the September surprise”. Is Mnuchin the guy who plans to step down in October?


‘Rudy Giuliani? never heard of him, I wish him luck though.’


>”Yes I am very comfortable with what I did now leave me alone I’m with my friends discussing our experience on September 11 and keep covering up for the Biden Family making millions selling his public office.” He just invoked 9/11 to try and downplay his betrayal of the nation