Scientists find possible sign of life on Venus

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If life DOES exist on Venus, then wouldn’t the chances of life on other planets increase massively? Edit: thank you for all the responses! It seems like not everyone agrees on the topic, which I find very fun to read. Apparently my comment sparked a small debate.


In summary – the title is technically accurate, but it misrepresents the exact nature of what happened The paper in question details how the team used two radio telescopes to identify Phosphine (PH3) with an extremely low probability of false identification. This gas was found in higher quantities than was previously thought possible, suggesting one of a few things: * Our understanding of the interaction between Venus’s atmosphere and the sun’s rays is incomplete (formed by a natural photochemical process; the article notes we know very little about these processes in Venus’s atmosphere) * There are geological processes on Venus which result in excess Phosphine being produced Or, the big one: * A biological process (i.e. Life) exists in Venus’s atmosphere which produces Phosphine in excess of chemical equilibrium. The conclusion of the paper says it best: > Even if confirmed, we emphasize that the detection of PH3 is not robust evidence for life, only for anomalous and unexplained chemistry. There are substantial conceptual problems for the idea of life in Venus’s clouds—the environment is extremely dehydrating as well as hyperacidic. However, we have ruled out many chemical routes to PH3, with the most likely ones falling short by four to eight orders of magnitude (Extended Data Fig. 10). To further discriminate between unknown photochemical and/or geological processes as the source of Venusian PH3, or to determine whether there is life in the clouds of Venus, substantial modelling and experimentation will be important. Ultimately, a solution could come from revisiting Venus for in situ measurements or aerosol return. No confirmation, but something that definitely warrants more investigation


Why is this article not getting more upvotes? This seems like huge news.


I am hoping that regardless of the find of phosephene, that we can allocate a larger budget to study Venus. Its our closest neighbor, but due to the inhospitable atmosphere, we know less about it than arguably any other nearby planet (sans Mercury due to the insane dV costs of getting there). I’d love to see a real lander and or atmospheric probe launched in the next decade or so


Who had possible alien life on venus for September? Anyone?