Since cats probably assume we can see in the dark, they probably think we’re kicking and stepping on them on purpose when we can’t spot them in a dark hallway or room.

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No wonder they’re so standoffish. They think we’re absolute psychopaths.


Damn that’s kinda sad


They’re not that dumb. If we behave that differently in the dark they’d figure it out. Except those round face blue cats, those cats are stupid.


One of my cats is polite enough to give a polite trill before I step on him, but the other one will nearly trip me down the stairs and think I’m the villain because she can’t figure out day vs night. Last week I opened the door and she ran into my leg and she got mad at me because she was hurt.


That’s why you make sure to apologize to the master like the fool you are and offer pets to make up for your foolishness. -Sincerely, your cat