Small businesses are losing confidence in their survival as federal relief runs dry

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Socialism for big business, free market for small business.


Not just that… but the weather is starting to cool down. Here in Colorado, we just got our first snow last week. Most businesses are surviving by extending their outdoor footprint. What will happen when it’s too cold/snowy and no one wants to go outside. That, coupled with the fact that the outbreak is expected to get worse in the winter months.


Our economy heads further into the shitter while 500 “elected” assholes circle jerk each other to make sure they get theirs. It’s time to vote out the incumbents.


Small business owner. No unemployment, no federal PPP funds, no state funds, no relief from regular bills, no large events or regular business to keep up with bills. It’s bleak.


The $600/week unemployment benefit ran out 7/31.when it ran out, that caused a huge hit to the economy. Millions less being spent means less sales and thus fewer employees needed. More layoffs which means those people don’t have income to spend. Thus, a downward spiral.