SNOW IPO price raised from $75~85 ~ $100~110

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100% waiting, I’ve seen too many IPOs get dumped shortly after.


Didn’t hot IPOs start to price higher and higher before the Internet Bubble crashed? Seems like we’re getting there.


I’m a data engineer for a one of the top tech companies and have been in the industry for over 5 years. I’ve also been a speaker at the snowflake conference. I can speak first hand that this tech is unlikely anything we’ve seen before and truly revolutionizes the database world. I’ve seen lots of comparisons to GCP and AWS, but frankly this is an entirely different product. The closest it could be compared to is Oracle DB and this is literally light years ahead. One an organization selects a DB and places there data inside it, it’s incredibly challenging to migrate to a new database (at data this scale , talking 10’s of petabytes). I’m interested by all the comments saying “I don’t understand this technology”, do you really understand all the other technologies you invest in? To me, the business model and technology is actually quite a bit easier to understand than a company like google or Microsoft.


Been having a hard time understanding how Snowflake is better than competitors so I think I need to some more research


I think what’s different about this ipo is that it’s only known by the people in its industry and ipo investors. Most tech IPOs are really big in the consumer market and generate some additional excitement but snowflake is being pushed up by its actual industry experts (and today’s unusual market conditions). I’ll grab some shares on IPO day but grow my holdings over time as it drops