Social media disinformation on US west coast blazes ‘spreading faster than fire’

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I mean, people have politicized everything from climate change, to a pandemic, to peoples gender identity. I am simply no longer surprised. If an asteroid turns out to be on course to earth tomorrow, people will blame all kinds of governments and political groups for it. It seems like, in the narrative of some people, nothing in this universe just happens anymore, everything is some evil plot against them. A couple years ago this was called mass delusion, delusional paranoia or mass hysteria, now this just seems to be the default mental state of most people on social media. ​ And I’m sure someone will now proceed to tell me, how I am ignorant and how “they are actually out to get us”, don’t waste your time, my medication is well adjusted, I am not susceptible to that kind of delusion.


The US is falling ever deeper down the rabbit hole


To be fair, there really were looters preying on those who evacuated ahead of time. Source: friend’s brother who returned to his property to check on it and caught people looting them. Oregon has a lot of scummy meth head trashy people, and with the pandemic they are probably opportune looting even more than ‘usual’. Does it make it ok for ‘overly patriotic’ gun owners to block roads and accuse innocent without evidence? Absolutely not. Everyone take care out there.


Delete social media. Trust me, after the withdrawal you will be so happy.


In the days that the fires sparked in Oregon we had insane 65 mph winds. It is never this windy here. It was literally stripping green leaves off of bushes and trees. Our power went out for an hour. Of course they were started by downed power lines, it is freaking ridiculous to think otherwise and an insult to those displaced, those who lost their homes and their lives.