Study shows that after Obamacare’s 2014 Medicaid Expansion, states that expanded Medicaid gained substantially more access to diabetes medications; this will likely narrow health disparities and prevent long-term complications for the poorest in those states

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They substantially increased access to ALL medications. Because they suddenly had health coverage.


Even better would be to ban high fructose corn syrup and change the food pyramid so that vegetables is in the bottom instead of grains and we’d be a long way to ridding ourselves of diabetes forever.


Don’t worry about the fact that the patent for insulin was given away for the good of humanity almost 100 years ago and is still under license well after the standard expiration of a patent.


I just got the privilege of paying 860 dollars for my insulin recently. Love our insurance system!


Funny. While I have “access” my insurance cost a significant amount and I still have to pay a ton til my deductible is met. Which means basically I don’t bother with any health care until something major happens. Great health care.