Thai berry pickers in Sweden | DW Documentary (2020) – Exploitation of international labor by fake contracts [00:25:56]

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Slave Labor and Slave wages are the same thing.


This documentary could’ve been filmed in any western country. Example, Eastern European workers doing the ‘Bio’ grape harvest for Italian Barolo wines. The wineries charging huge prices for that fashionable BIO label yet paying well below minimum wage with workers working in open spaces at 40°c temperatures and living in cramped, shared accommodation for months at a time away from their families. It’s sad, disgusting, abhorrent….insert preferred adjective here.


Not sure why the title says fake contracts? I’ve watched the documentary and the contracts guarantees them at least minimum wage, but they all want to work more to earn more. It seems… at least transparent,? There is nothing illegal and the workers seemed happy to work there. Even their accommodation seemed nice. Much better than what many eastern europeans experience in Germany, for example. Or Italy, or Spain. Just to not give the wrong impression: I still think they are doing a super hard job, and they should earn more.


“They need the Thai to do the jobs the Swedes won’t do.”


With so many countries locking out non residents, I wonder what will happen to cross/harvests this year. All countries rely on foreign labor workforce for special visa contracts.