The Bible’s claim that “God is love” is false by the Bible’s very own definition of what love actually is, and his “Mercy” is infinitely lower than all humans possess naturally. Animals aren’t even this cruel. This God’s claim that he is “Light, having in him no darkness” is false on its face.

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It’s almost like the OT god and NT god are different deities created to appeal to different cultures of that era.


Pretty good analysis! Some points are a bit weaker but to me I think the best argument here is how love “… keeps no record of wrongs ” and yet we all know God has such a record and will punish us all greatly for those wrongs…(unless we accept Jesus, of course!) yeah, the Bible is full of b.s. 🙂


Everyone knows that Shrek is love… Shrek is life


Yeah, Jehovah is an abusive stepfather, it’s well-known.


Most of this is a disconnect between the Old and New Testaments. And additionally the gospels and the stories from Paul. I mean. Really the Bible just sucks and you can interpret it to mean anything and justify anything really.