The Coldest Place on Earth (2020) – The short story about how people are living in the coldest town in the world [00:03:59]

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Damn, this place is way colder as well as warmer than where I live.


Do you guys get a lot of tourists? besides the festival period? Seems like a cool place to visit!


Jesus Christ anything below 70F/21C is chilly for me lol bless these folks


I live in Winnipeg which is always on the same list as this place for coldest cities on earth. Summertime heat and winter absolutely freezing. I work outside year round and in the winter I sometimes have on 4-6 layers of thermal clothing on just to keep warm. This is while doing forestry work which is labour intensive lol.


According to Wikipedia Yakutsk, the town in the video, is actually the second coldest town. Norilsk is currently the coldest with an average temperature of -9.6C or 14.7F. Whereas Yakutsk is only -8.8C or 16.2F.