The People v. Donald J. Trump The criminal case against him is already in the works — and it could go to trial sooner than you think.

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And here’s the neat little trick: if The People vote this November, this trial and many others will all start to move forward blindingly quick. Trump, many members of his family, those advisors not already indicted or convicted, and hopefully a broad swath of corrupt politicians will all be moved into detention cells.


I’ll believe it when I see him in court.


If he gets escorted out of the White House in handcuffs I will make that picture my screensaver for years


Gotta give NYMag credit for that opener. It’s clever as all hell: >The defendant looked uncomfortable as he stood to testify in the shabby courtroom. Dressed in a dark suit and somber tie, he seemed aged, dimmed, his posture noticeably stooped. The past year had been a massive comedown for the 76-year-old former world leader. For decades, the bombastic onetime showman had danced his way past scores of lawsuits and blustered through a sprawl of scandals. Then he left office and was indicted for tax fraud. As a packed courtroom looked on, he read from a curled sheaf of papers. It seemed as though the once inconceivable was on the verge of coming to pass: The country’s former leader would be convicted and sent to a concrete cell. >The date was October 19, 2012. The man was Silvio Berlusconi, the longtime prime minister of Italy.


Sooner than I think was like 3 years ago.