They are forcing us to learn Islamic content instead of web programming in college in Iran. I am in computer science field.

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I wish we were at a place in the world where you could move anywhere you wanted, without needing a piece of paper to tell you where you were born or what god you pray too. I feel saddened for you and hope that one day, you are able to get the hell out of that place! I am sure its lovely for some, but from an outsider, I can’t imagine its that way for most. Stay sane brother!


Reminds me of how Marxism/Leninism was part of the curriculum in the Soviet Union. We know how well this went. Allow me to illustrate with a joke: Ivan: “Well, you’ve been in the cooking class now for a year, what did you learn so far?” Natasha: “Everything up to the fifth party congress”. The best you can do is learn by yourself and humor the dimwits with their bullshit. That way you have a degree that your country considers important and an education that might one day let you get out of this hellhole.


/r/exMuslim are pretty good guys if you’re interested


Yeah that sucks. I have heard that there are a lot of people in Iran who are quietly secular minded which is something to feel hopeful about. I also think that is probably true in many places throughout the world where religion still rules with an iron fist. Its a characteristic of humanity to want to know what the truth really is. Change will come eventually.


Hi, I know I have invited you to our community once but you are very welcome to join us in r/PersianExmuslim.🤗