TIL a study found those who “troll online” are high in cognitive empathy and psychopathy. This suggests trolls employ an empathic strategy of predicting and recognizing the emotional suffering of their victims in order to “troll” them.

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That is why a batshit response, completely wild of expected can be really effective **if you absolutely must engage with the idiots.** They go in expecting outrage, you out crazy them, they get confused


Some of them, sure. But those are only the really good ones. Most trolls are edgy twats throwing out low effort garbage to try and rustle jimmies.


This would seem to indicate psychopathy isn’t like a *disability* where the person can’t *understand* other people’s feelings, but that they *do* understand and simply don’t care.


I mean…yeah, that’s basically the textbook definition of successful ‘trolling’.


TIL trolls be trollin