TIL feral chickens began terrorizing an island in the UK in 2019. A few escaped chickens multiplied exponentially due to lack of predators, and 100-bird gangs began attacking joggers, destroying yards, blocking traffic, and waking residents at 4am with their deafening crowing.

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Just release a pack of wild geese, film the gang-war and profit.


So they called in a fixer. His code name: The Colonel.


For starters, free eggs. Secondly, free chicken, though prepare it safely and inspect carefully for disease, parasites, Etc. Also, chickens are assholes. We had chickens growing up and at one point had two roosters. Big mistake. They always fought and became very territorial. Well our goat we had since childhood named Casper the friendly Goat (yes she was white) was really sick. We had to give her medicine everyday. We were taking her the medicine and petting her and crying a bit and one of the roosters decided now was the perfect time to attack. He terrorized us by chasing us and pecking us like a big jerk. My brother made it past him and went inside and got a big Tupperware container and came back out. The rooster rushed him with reckless abandon. My brother promptly smacked it upside the head with the Tupperware container. Obviously concussed, the rooster fell into a daze and wandered around for a few hours before making his way out into the field of tall grass. We found him the next day, dead. To our horror though, the other chickens had begun cannibalizing him. Oh well. Serves him right that cocky bastard. For all curious, Casper ending up getting healthy and we got a few more years out of her before she ended up passing. Best goat a boy could ask for. You could even say she was The OG GOAT. Man I miss living on a farm.


so..I guess Today we eat chicken


Buy a fixed fox and this ends the problem. Since he is fixed there won’t be a fox problem.