TIL Iceland has so much geothermal energy that it has hot water distribution systems straight to houses

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This has helped make Reykjavik one of the cleanest energy cities in the world, as their fossil-fuel dependence is drastically lower, and they reduce CO2 emissions by 4 millions tons a year.


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Heated pavements as well i think.


This is called district heating and is very common in northern parts of Europe, not just Iceland. almost all district heating systems exist in urban areas with a large share of apartments for which the benefits of scale are substantial. All the countries that aren’t fortunate enough to have massive geothermal energy reserves can rely on other sources for practically free heat energy. The majority of the energy comes from fossil sources but most countries get a significant(25%+) share of their heat energy from waste incineration plants or more unusually nuclear plants, where the heat energy would otherwise be simply dumped as water/steam. While I think it’s not great to use nonrenewables for heating, it is way more efficient to heat an urban area with a few large plants specialized for heat production rather than using literally hundreds of thousands of inefficient boilers for each individual household that aren’t as reliable or efficient as that tap from district heating always is.