TIL that categories for hurricanes as high as “Category 7” have been proposed but are “not necessary” as almost all human structures are obliterated at Category 5 anyway.

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The fastest recorded sustained wind speed (1-minute) is from Hurricane Patricia in 2015 with a wind speed of 215 mph. Luckily this was before landfall. Patricia was a Hurricane in the Eastern Pacific Basin off the west coast of Mexico. As a note sustained winds (what are used for categorization) are calculated differently depending on the Basin. The North Atlantic and Eastern North Pacific Basins use 1-minute sustained. The Western Pacific uses 10-minute sustained, and the Indian Ocean Basin uses 3-minute sustained. That means that storms in NA and EP basins typically have higher sustained winds so it is hard to compare. In regards to cat 6 or cat 7 I don’t think they are needed due to how rare even cat 5s are. There is a point where nothing is left and that’s typically at the cat 5 level.


Except for Waffle House


Have there ever been Cat5e hurricanes?


Insulated Concrete Forms- “hold my beer”


What category would a highstorm be? I know the storm father isn’t especially fond of buildings.