TIL that Emperor Wu of Jin had so many women he could choose to sleep with, that he didn’t know who to choose. So, he rode a small cart pulled by a goat and he would sleep with whichever woman managed to stop the goat.

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**Clarification:** They didn’t stop the goat by their own hands. He just had sexy time wherever the goats happened to stop. *there were so many beautiful women in the palace that he did not know whom he should have sexual relations with; he therefore rode on a small cart drawn by goats, and wherever the goats would stop, he would stop there, as well. Because of this, many of the women planted bamboo leaves and salt outside their bedrooms—both items said to be favored by goats.* Edit: still a very interesting fact though.


Imagine rolling into the harem and none of them try to stop the goat.


OG r/ihavesex


For a minute there, I thought he’d sleep with the goat.


“Emperor Wu also became more concerned about whether his brother Prince You would seize the throne if he died. In 282, he sent Prince You to his principality, even though there was no evidence that Prince You had such ambitions. Princess Jingzhao and Princess Changshan kow-towed and begged Emperor Wu to rescind his order, but he merely grew angry and demoted Princess Changshan husband in retaliation. Prince You, in anger, grew ill and died in 283.” Wow he really showed him