TIL that upstate New York resident Anthony Mancinelli worked as a barber for 96 years, from the age of 12 until 6 weeks before his death at the age of 108. When he began cutting hair in 1923, he charged 25 cents for his services. Leading up to his death in 2019, he charged $19 for a haircut

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“I got to find a new barber now,” said Robert, who has had his hair cut by his father for all 82 years of his life. 🥺


Inflation a bitch.


Everyone’s talking about the prices and no one’s talking about how a man spent nearly an ENTIRE CENTURY dedicated to his craft of cutting hair. A legend…


$.25 for a haircut and shave sounds like a good deal until you remember he was 12 at the time. I can’t imagine letting a 12-year-old anywhere near my head and face with sharp objects. I’d gladly pay the $.40 premium price for an adult barber.


A follow up fact…he was still driving at 108 years old! I met him when he got into a fender bender and I called the cops and his son for him. The police officer told me that his license scan came up as an error because the system didn’t recognize ages that were 3 digits.