TIL the water of Lake Tahoe is so cold that when the body of Donald Christopher Windecker was found 17 years after he went missing, it was preserved enough to conduct an autopsy and determine his cause of death. The body was located 265′ (80 meters) below the surface.

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South lake tahoe local here! There are tons of stories surrounding bodies in the lake, and I hate to say it, but there probably are a couple bodies at the bottom of the lake. At least, there was until people introduced kokanee salmon to the rivers, and then crawfish as a food source. The crawfish immediately went to the deepest coldest parts of the lake, and crawfish will eat anything. People forget that our mayor back in the 80s was busted for cocaine trafficking


how did they find him?


bottom of super deep lakes are fucking frightening


Imagine going for a swim and bumping into a carcass that’s been “preserved enough” for 17 years.


At least once a month in the summer someone dies just jumping off a boat out away from the shore, in the dark blue water. It so cold that they’re hit with shock, usually take a big gasp and sometimes a lung full of water or mist. So they start coughing or choking whilst trying to tread water as their core temp drops and muscles start to tighten. It all happens very quick, before anyone on the boat can realize and get to them.