TIL when the film “Yesterday” (about a world where the Beatles only existed in one musician’s memory) was released, Paul McCartney and his wife crept into a theater, with Paul disguising himself with a hat and sunglasses, and watched it from the back row, trying not to laugh when he was mentioned

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It must be such a weird feeling to have to put on a disguise to have a normal public life


I paid to see another movie and accidently went into this movie. When it started I thought this is the longest trailer I’ve ever seen. Then I realized what it was and just stayed. Turned out to be very enjoyable and funny. 7/10. I wonder what Paul thought.


‘Yesterday’ was such a great concept with such a lackluster script. It felt like someone had the idea of it and then had no other ideas at all. The main character had no arc whatsoever. Was he meant to learn to embrace his own music and do his own thing? No. Was he meant to learn ‘not to lie’? Why? His lie literally hurt no one and only improved the lives of everyone. Even the other people who knew he was lying were happy that he was making the music. He just kind of came out and told the truth for no particular reason or benefit. At no point did the film feel like it had any drive or idea behind it other than ‘wouldn’t it be neat and funny if someone woke up in the world where the Beatles never existed.’ Which is a great hook, but like. Man. You gotta write more than just that.


I remember in 2006 when he was 64 and just got separated from his missus, a reporter asked him if he’d ever go down on one knee again..? And he said “No, and her name’s Heather..”.


Yesterday was a surprisingly good flick. I enjoyed it.