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The religious don’t like their laundry being aired in public showing the shit-stains all over their underwear, (and outerwear). Of course we look ‘toxic’ to them. “I went there to tell them they were wrong and they won’t even let me proselytise….”


I actually discovered this sub on an r/AskReddit thread asking people what subs they find to be toxic. Decided to pay a visit to see for myself and ended up joining this “toxic sub”.


The religious think any warranted criticism of their words or actions is “hate”. They’re used to total deference and not being challenged on what they say and do.


Of course it’s toxic to them, when they can’t come here and freely proselytize or criticize without being mobbed, insulted, and banned. Fairy tale bullshit isn’t welcome here, so it must be a toxic sub. Funny enough, that’s exactly how atheistic viewpoints are regarded in their subs.


When religious people call atheists toxic Oh no! Anyway…