Tried my best to translate an Indian joke

An indian politician was visiting a foreigner politician. He saw foreigner politicians had a big house and 2 luxury cars. He askes him how is it possible as the salary of a politician is not that much. Foreigner politician took indian politician on drive and said “do you see this 10 lanes highway?” Indian Politician: Yes Foreigner Politician: The budget was for 12 lanes 🙂 Couple of years later same foreigner politician was visiting same indian politician. He was shocked when he saw indian politician had 3 big mansions and multiple luxury cars. He asked indian politician that how did he do that in that short period of time. Indian politician took him on the roof of his mansion and said “do you see that 10 lane highway?” Foreigner politician: I don’t see it Indian politician: Me neither 🙂

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Good old corruption.


Good one. The headline sounds like a setup to a good joke by itself.


Well it is true 🙁


Punch line should be changed to ‘exactly! ‘.


Nice, except in the UK this works with ferry services, ppe, and covid testing instead of highways.