Trump’s Rigged Election Cries Are Right Out Of Kremlin Playbook, Warns Ex-Intel Official

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Trump only has one card = projection USPS shenanigans, suing states who want to send ballots to their voters, threatening to send law enforcement to polling places, etc. While he tries to rig the election and engages in voter intimidation, he accuses the other party of doing exactly this.


Only one trying to rig the elections is Trump himself.


What makes me so sad, is he could have gotten re-elected so easily. So freakin easily. He was an incumbent that had a bi-partisan crisis fall into his lap. All he had to do was sit on his hands, listen to experts, and make fuzzy speeches about how we’re all in this together kumbaya. Give everyone pittance checks and condemn China (which seems to have traction on both sides, even if for slightly different reasons.) Thats it. All he had to fucking do. Just not be completely fucking evil and stupid for 10 months. Instead he tried to kill blue voters (the report stating they chose inaction to make blue state governors look bad) play down the pandemic to look tough, encourage hostility over masks and provoke his followers to violence. He decided to divide and fear monger and get hundreds of thousands killed. He chose to be so blatantly, heartbreakingly evil and cruel to people. He is so incompetent and evil he chose to harm and kill hundreds of thousands to his DETRIMENT instead of just coast to victory for just golfing and letting Fauci handle this, maybe reading a speech from time to time. Empathy and sympathy for others is literally impossible for him.


Let’s hope the not-ex intelligence officials are doing something about this. What else is the taxpayer money for?


What do you expect from Putin’s puppet.