US woman faces hefty fine after ‘causing coronavirus outbreak in Bavaria’

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> According to local authorities, she already had symptoms on her pub crawl and was waiting for the results of her corona test. In Bavaria, a fine of €2,000 can be imposed for violations of quarantine regulations. > “The lady had symptoms, came to the test station and was told to stay in quarantine because of the symptoms. But she did not do so,” says Scharf. The 26-year-old had just returned from a vacation in Greece. She had symptoms. She had already gone to get tested. Going out at that point would be bad judgement. She was told to quarantine and did not. That’s criminal.


American woman, stay away from me.


Why is it so difficult for some people to just be a little bit considerate. She had symptoms. She knew that she could have placed lives in danger. But she still went out for fun? The heck?


It should be more than €2000 imo. The selfishness of people will never cease to amaze me. If anyone she infected dies she should have to personally apologize to families and see the destruction she caused and live with that on top of whatever other punishment they want to dole out. I hate these people – American or not.


I remember back when this first started people were saying china should pay for spreading the virus. Now that it’s Americans doing it I’m sure those people feel differently.