Vinyl record sales surpass CDs for the first time since the 1980s

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I’m surprised it took this long, honestly. I haven’t bought anything on CD or DVD in over 10 years. Haven’t even had a CD drive in my PC in 10 years, either. You either get music digitally, or you go retro and get it on vinyl. Unfortunately for CDs, I’m not sure they’ll ever get a “retro” moment because vinyl and cassette will have that covered.


In 2020 you can go to a drive in and listen to records. What’s next-a doo wop revival??


No no no!!!!! Profit from sales of records has surpassed CD. CDs still outsell records by a lot. CDs sold about 2 million more units than vinyl did. But since vinyl costs more than twice what a CD does, the profit from records was greater than CDs. I’m really getting sick of seeing this headline repeatedly.


What does modern vinyl give that digital doesn’t? Is it just the art. Or is the sound quality scientifically better? Or is it just different?


Well well how the tables turn.