What’s the worst birthday gift you ever got?

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A used DVD of the Notebook after I explicitly told the person that I had no intention of watching it. Bonus: it was my step mom who gave it to me. From her and my dad’s DVD collection…that was in our living room and I could have grabbed at anytime to watch.


I have been stung by a bee 3 times in my life, and all of them were on my birthday. I was 3, 14, and 25.


Grounded because I said that I didn’t need to celebrate my birthday and that was too ungrateful of me.


Forgotten. It was either a blessing or a curse, considering my mom forgot until 9pm, left me a voicemail telling me Happy Birthday, and forgot to hang up. Hearing her tell my sister “There, I did it.” Was… interesting. Edit: Holy shit guys, woke up to a lot of love this morning! Thank you all <3!!!


A pair of homemade custom pajamas. Only problem was that they weren’t made yet. It was just the fabric and a promise to make them for me. I had to give the fabric back and I never got the pajamas.