When Good People Don’t Act, Evil Reigns. Stop thinking that the horrors of the world will simply work themselves out.

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Exactly. Hitler taught us this a few short decades ago..


Well, what the fuck are my options? People are already protesting in the streets, myself included. I vote against the evil candidates. Beyond that, the only other option is armed insurrection. Is that what this article advocates? Is that where we are now?


At least here in the USA most of us have had it relatively good for so long we’ve become really complacent. We think that this is how things are. I’m afraid we’re about to find out just how sideways shit can go.


A lot of them aren’t actually good people. They’re interested in having the image of themselves as good people, not the any of the work that makes it reality.


If you are not part of the Republican cult, then you must vote *every election* because they will and it only takes a few percent of you not voting for them to win.