Which fictional food would be the most delicious?

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The Krabby Patty. Hands down.


A scrumdiddlyumtious bar. And everything in that room at the wonka factory.


The food in every Studio Ghibli film looks absolutely delicious.


Honestly I just want some Lembas Bread


The entirely of Peter Pan and the Lost Boy’s feast in the movie “Hook”. Y’all come on now. Just extending your hand and grabbing what? A smoked turkey leg as it lusciously pulls of the bone from the thigh. A handful of layer cake unabashedly stuffed onto and in your mouth because you are surrounded by free children of the forest. Wash it down with a barrel of ale, slipping beside your face because excess is the life you lead. I mean, the escapism alone is intoxicating let alone the food tasting exactly how the best food on earth COULD taste in your wildest dreams. I only wish to learn how to lucid dream so that I may experience anything close to the overwhelming ecstasy of devouring a meal created by our collective imagination.