Who else was experimented on by Henry Murray?

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It looks like the names of the students were kept confidential, probably the only ethical thing about the studies, so I’m not sure how you could find it anything about them unless they have spoken about it themselves publicly. What a crazy thing to have happen though.


The experiment wasn’t even bad. Ted has been on record saying it was only one time for like an hour that was uncomfortable, the rest is made up. It wasn’t the reason he became the unabomber.


You saw the TIL yesterday too 😂 I also read all about MKUltra for a few hours last night.


I know it’s not exactly what you asked for, but if you’re looking for other results from MK Ultra like Ted Kazcynski, Whitey Bulger was a participant in the experiments going on in San Francisco when he was imprisoned at Alcatraz. In terms of a body count and criminal notoriety he is quite comparable.


The Unabombers way of thinking is not abnormal to be honest. My perspective of the world is very similar, I have no intentions of mailing bombs to people…. but I do think that humanity is hurtling towards self destruction. The Earth is already our perfect home, and we are destroying it for the sake of ‘progress’ towards a life where more and more people are miserable. ​ Just saying, experiments didnt make him that way. Society did