Yair Netanyahu, Israel PM’s son, crowdfunding for a Jewish terrorist who burnt a Palestinian family while asleep.

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Like father like son.


>Ben Uliel killed three members of the Dawabsha family — Saad, Riham, and their 18-month-old son Ali — in an arson attack. Only the couple’s eldest son, Ahmed, survived, despite terrible burns and scarring; he was 5-years-old at the time. >Yair Netanyahu retweeted a link to “Honenu,” a far-right legal aid group that offers support to what they call “soldiers and civilians who find themselves in legal entanglements, due to defending themselves against Arab aggression, or due to their love for Israel.”


I’m often disgusted by IMF tactics and don’t consider myself an antisemite. Here in ireland there’s (in general) a special solidarity with Palestine as our history dictates. This has always been contentious with Jewish friends if it comes up. And there’s so much oppression that I can’t simply put it down to reading different newspapers. I can never understand how an oppressed people can deal out so much resentful and Injust military action against another people and hide behind unrelated history. It doesn’t keep me up nights or anything, but I see right through the spin they put on the couple of rockets that try to fend off the genocide. Edit: please don’t up or down doot this comment. You can’t change sectarian mindset with this shit. If you could, your nations leaders would all have abandoned any nation using military might to expand territory. Just vote sensibly…. Or stay home that day.


The Netanyahus are the absolute worst. Even most of the population of Israel hates them, they’ve had protests in the streets but he’s clung onto power like a tyrant and they are still trying to depose him.


Son is a future criminal and rightwing terrorist (Like father)