You’re sent back in time to this day, 20 years ago. The only way to get back to the present is to stop 9/11. How do you do it?

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Again? I already prevented 9/10 and have only just gotten back to my old timeline. People are never happy.


Be a terrorist, nobody is going to believe I’m a time traveler here to prevent a terrorist attack and need everyone out the building, so I just become a terrorist, take the building “hostage” and then release every single person by groups to make it quick as possible. Or you know, pull the fire alarm.


Why on earth would I want to get back to the present? Just hang out in the ’00s and enjoy life making suspiciously good sport bets and stock picks. **EDIT:** it just occurred to me that “guy sent back from pandemic times to prevent disaster decides not to go back” is essentially the plot of 12 Monkeys. Yes, this is that time line.


I call in a bomb threat to the flights that were hijacked and I leave crumbs leading to the terrorists.


I create a new, easily spreadable, deadly virus. Airports will be shut. No planes will takeoff. Even if they do, people will be working from home anyway. Edit: Well this blew up.