A ‘Cure for Heart Disease’? A Single Shot Succeeds in Monkeys

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As someone who has genetic High LDL choresterol and triglycerides, I am super excited for CRISPR to fix it. My daughter is going to school to become a genetist so she can work on CRISPR. She also has the same genetic disorder. I would love to get off statins and stop thinking about fat all day every day. My LDL is 283 with statins and practically no saturated fats. I have occasional cheese and usually the white cheeses as they have less fat. I am young enough that I think I have another 20 years before I really start to worry. Hopefully, I can CRISPR this out before it’s too late.


For me the most interesting bit from this research is that people who inherited a mutation that suppresses these two gens DON’T GET HEART DISEASE. This shows that it is highly likely that if we make the same tweak through therapy that it will work.


> But it will be years before human trials can begin, and gene-editing technology so far has a mixed tracked record. Sigh. “First do no harm”, but how much baby is thrown out with the bathwater with all of the caution.