Attorney: Immigrant woman to be deported after accusing ICE guards of sexual assault

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Good lord, ICE was a fucking mistake. There’s gotta be a better way to keep our borders safe because it’s clear ICE serves no such purpose. Destroy it into millions of pieces.


“ICE said the agency “has zero tolerance for any form of sexual abuse or assault against individuals in the agency’s custody and takes very seriously all allegations of employee “ You don’t say. Zero tolerance, that’s a high standard. I wonder how many ICE employees have been punished, I mean even if they did nothing wrong, zero tolerance is bound to yield a few false positives. But here we have a statistical oddity. Zero tolerance yet zero accountability. How strange.


Criminal ICE logic: can’t be interviewed for sexual harrassment charges if she’s not in the country.


ICE seems more and more like the SS


That is a little too convenient.