How do I place the bar on my back in squats comfortably?

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From a formerly very skinny person: You need to push your shoulders together to create a „shelf“ with your muscles, that’s where the bar should rest.


I wrapped a thin towel around the bar for the first few months I started lifting, once you get a feel for it and your traps grow large enough you can remove the towel


Are you trying to do low bar or high bar squats? Unless you have powerlifting ambitions I’d recommend starting out with high bar. Follow squat university on ig to see helpful tips on bar placement for this. In general, you want to pull your shoulder blades back so you create a kind of shelf with your traps. The bar should sit on your traps, not your neck and certainly not your bones


Look up a fantastic exercise called the goblet squat. You hold a dumbbell up to your chest with your arms and squat. It’s not the exercise to develop max power. It’s the exercise to develop good technique, solid fundamentals, and progress safely and conservatively. You’ll be limited in your weight by what you can hold in your arms, which is good because it’ll force you to be really honest with your reps. You’ll gain muscle, you’ll get stronger, then you can rest the bar on all the muscle of your traps.


I bought this piece of foam that’s meant to be strapped around the bar for doing squats. It’s super useful.