Letters to the Editor: Donald Trump should resign over the Bob Woodward coronavirus revelations. Period

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Let’s be real, what he *should* do and what he *will* do are two completely separate things.


Full stop, Trump should resign because: Episode 149. Don’t waste your breath and our time. He resigns when the American people resign him, and there may be a fight over it even then. No more living in a Candy Land of resignation riding purple unicorns of impeachment. Go vote. (Or mail it in as the case may be).


I’m legitimately surprised an angry mob hasn’t stormed the wh already.


I checked Twitter last night after 60 Minutes and it wasn’t even trending. He’s going to ride this out the same way he rode out the military “suckers and losers” comments. I’m getting more and more convinced he’s going to win because people just don’t care anymore.


Please, he’s preparing for a coup attempt.