LPT: Sometimes it’s better to not point out inaccuracies or argue with friends about menial things.

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Preach. It takes so much self restraint to let that shit go. I have also had to learn that, ultimately, it just doesn’t matter and to let people discover on their own. Unless I’m explicitly asked or the friend is more open and also like that. It’s weird to cause I love when people do it to me ( vast majority of the time ) and welcome the discussion. I don’t want to be wrong and will gladly take the new info, or at least research it. I don’t get why everyone doesn’t want that reflection. But kudos to you for moving on. Cause it’s really not that big of deal if they are wrong. It’s their life. And it only causes stress trying to convince.


This one is one of the better LPT’s. Better to learn this early on life.


i’ve recently started to tell myself “you don’t have to be right all of the time”. i’ve still got a-ways to go, though! good advice.


Great tip. I generally try to live like this and the times when I +don’t+ always remind me why I do! Completely unnecessary stress, bad feelings and time wasted.