LPT: When someone dies, wait for their family to publicly acknowledge it before doing so yourself

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I remember when a family member passed away and we started receiving phone calls about it when all this was still between immediate family members. Turns out our nosy neighbour who knew some of our far relatives had a big mouth.


This also applies to engagements and pregnancy announcements. Logging into Facebook to find your aunt announced your pregnancy a month before you intended to is super fun.


Definitely this. My mother passed away 5 years ago and someone posted something on her Facebook before our family was prepared to make a statement so we were rushed to get a statement out and it was already an emotional time trying to call all our family and let them know before they found out via social media.


A friend found out that his brother died via a Facebook post from a friend. The friend lived close to the brother so he found out before the out of state siblings were notified. It was brutal.