‘No citizen is above the law’: New York lawmakers want to make it easier to prosecute ex-presidents for crimes they commit in office

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How about we make it easier to prosecute Presidents for crimes they commit, period? If you’re using the presidency as a legal shield then you should be impeached.


I guess Trump won’t be putting his Presidential library in NY Can you imagine the irony, a Trump Library


Watch Trump renounce his citizenship


Why don’t we make it easier to prosecute current presidents for crimes committed before, and during the administration? Why wait for them to corrupt the government? Edit: So from the replies I’ve gotten it’s a mix of if this came to pass, either corrupt people would try to abuse this, or it would create a crisis. If you have evidence, at least even a fraction as much tangible evidence we can get on trump, we should be able to prosecute the current president forcibly. If any president ever is as much of a POS as he is again then we deserve a dictator. We need to only allow people in power, who have an unedited and not hidden past, because they’re supposed to lead the country. If they’re racist, rapey, draft dodger, several times divorced, and just spreading misinformation, pos they shouldn’t be allowed near the office.


Ya I don’t fucking get it. I mean he has broken so many laws he should have been in jail the very first day of his presidency. American, what a fucking joke of a democracy we have. Can’t even hold powerful people accountable.